My-Cloud Terms

We know, for you reasonably expect to keep private information, it is necessary to maintain its confidentiality. You want and deserve, and will get our commitment to your privacy completely. In addition, whether for personal gain or for the safety of the national interests, we all have a duty to assist law enforcement and other government agencies responsible for protecting the public welfare. If you need our help, we will, within the bounds of the law in the most restrictive conditions to provide help.

In the article the terms of this privacy My - Cloud (referred to as the "privacy policy" or "terms") for the domestic and foreign customers and visitors to the Web's privacy. In these provisions shall apply to the place, if the requirements of the law in these countries, unlike the clause, My - Cloud I shall abide by the laws of the applicable to the country. In some jurisdictions, My - Cloud may according to the requirements of the applicable local law in different privacy policy.

Our privacy policy for the following questions :

1.What information the collection ?

You in any My - Cloud website submission form or order during the input of any information may be collected and stored in our database. In order to better define the type of information collected, we have these information were identified and divided into the following two categories :

  • a) Personal information ;
  • b) Equipment information

Personal information

We collect your personal information, according to the definition of the terms of this privacy, personal information means can be used to identify your personal information, such as email address, and provide customer support service, delivery, product or other information you need.

Equipment information

We collect your equipment information, according to the definition of the terms of this privacy, equipment information refers to the ID number, password, online number and equipment's online and offline state, etc.

2.We will the information used for what purpose ?

In order to be able to provide you with the best online experience, we will collect your personal information and equipment information, in order to make us better understand the total number of online profiles of the equipment. We will carefully review the collected information, to help us determine which products are most popular with you and provide you with the latest information about new services and advantages, personalize our website for you and better design products and web site to meet your needs.

In some cases, we may be will be with you to visit our website related Web combined use of information and personal information. We use this kind of comprehensive information, by providing a custom function, service and advertising, in order to make our clients and the Web Visitors get a better online experience. Information when combined, the generated data will be as for protecting the personal information described in this clause.

If you through the "contact us" page on our website to contact us, or contact us through email, telephone or written letter, we could be your opinion on file in our contacts database for future use.

3. How do we share your informations ?

We will not sell your personal information or equipment leasing, trading, or to a third party, unless you authorize us to do so and otherwise specified in this clause.

When we use a third party to help us process your personal information, we require these third party agrees to strictly in accordance with our instructions to deal with such information and abide by the terms and conditions and any other appropriate confidentiality and security measures. For to provide the terms of this privacy allows information to a third party or to collect information of officers of the terms of this privacy allows My - Cloud Does not undertake any responsibility.

If the law or regulations, we may disclose your personal information and other related information in response to a subpoena, court order, or legal process. We may also use your personal information to determine or the exercise of our legal rights, or for legal requirements.

We may share personal information, and any other additional information is available, and used to investigate and prevent illegal activities, suspected fraud, and involved to anyone (including My - Cloud staff) the personal safety of a potential threat, violation of any terms of use My - Cloud, or the requirements of the laws or regulations shall be separately, or lawsuit against these activities.

For any purpose not described above or applicable laws or regulations require, we will please choose agreed to share your personal information with a third party. Whether for terms reason or for other business reasons, all My - Cloud decided to sell in some countries or areas, purchase, merger or reorganization of the business in other ways, these are likely to happen. Such a transaction may involve disclosure of personal information to the prospective buyer or the actual buyer, may also involve personal information received from the seller. Seeking the right protection for the information in such matters is My - Cloud practice. You will be issued by our E-mail and/or prominently displayed on our web site to inform understand the ownership or use of your personal information changes, and you may have all of the choices in terms of personal information.

4. How can we ensure the security of your personal information ?

You should know the data transmission via online is not absolutely safe. We cannot guarantee full protection and security of the data, but we will take all reasonable measures to protect to electronically send information to us. You transfer any data need to be at their own risk. In applicable cases, you may visit our web site is granted for the use of the corresponding part (password). You are responsible for security and confidentiality of the password.

5.Accuracy and access

My - the accuracy of the Cloud will do our best to maintain your personal information. If your personal information changes, or if you no longer need our services, you will be able to correct, update your personal information, amend, delete/remove or stop using, also may carry on the corresponding contact us here. We will respond to your access request within 30 days.

As long as your account is active or provide the service for you need, we will keep your information. We will according to the need to retain and use your information, so as to fulfill our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and the implementation of our agreement.

6. Open ID

You can use the service (such as openid provider) to log in our website. These services will verify your identity and provide you with our Shared certain personal information (such as your name, E-mail address) of the option, to fill out our registration form in advance. Open ID and other service activities can you choose to you on this web site information release to his/her personal information page, so as to share with others in your network.

7. Effective date and policy updates

The terms of this privacy effect from December 31, 2014, and replaces and supersedes all prior to release of the privacy policy. My - Cloud reserves the right to update their privacy policy from time to time. If we substantially change the privacy policy, we will notice on the site, and attach the updated privacy policy.

8.User registration

  • (1)The user can through the website to register using My - Cloud services. When the user for permission to use this service, must be to My - Cloud to provide accurate individual or unit of data (including but not limited to, user name, password, contact person, phone number, etc.). The user name and password set by the user. After the user application is successful, can log in to use.
  • (2)Users to fill in the information should be truthful and accurate, as a result of user information fill in error such users can't use this service, causes My - Cloud does not assume any responsibility; The user must according to the need to maintain and promptly update the registration information, always kept up to date, complete and accurate.
  • (3) The user account and password by the user is responsible for the warehousing; Users should be with its user account for all the legal responsibility for the activities and events. If the unit employees or any third party to use the user account and password login web site, in provides account, password, confirm the information is accurate, users agree and My - Cloud has the right to won the user's full authorization as the behavior, the behavior results generated directly attributable to the user itself.
  • (4)If it is caused by user's reason account and password when the illegal use of others, My - Cloud does not undertake any responsibility. Users themselves reasons including but not limited to: any disclosed to a third party account and password, and other registration data; Many people share the same account; Install illegal or unknown programs, etc.
  • (5) If My - Cloud find account user not account registrant, My - Cloud is entitled to under the condition of the registrant without prior notification to temporarily freeze the account, My - Cloud frozen account to account the registrant, users behavior without having to bear legal responsibility, as a result of the user account is frozen, unable to access to information, depending on the frequency according to the loss of consequences shall be borne by the user. If users find another person to the illegal use of his account to log in to use this service can inform My account is frozen processing -- Cloud.
  • (6)As registered users find lost or forgotten the password, you can through the registered user name and phone number for retrieving password. My - Cloud password back mechanism unable to identify the real phone number whether user system account user, the user by others pretexting back account and password to any loss, My - Cloud does not undertake any responsibility. User know password custody responsibility lies in the user, My - Cloud does not guarantee that the user is lost or forgotten password to the registered user name and the phone number successfully retrieved password.
  • (7)The user account registered in this website should be designed to make use of this web site provides services rather than for other purposes. In view of this website service offering need combined with network cameras, hard disk video recorders, network video recorders and other alarm equipment such as My - Cloud of terminal equipment, registered account will only be activated in the corresponding equipment online. If the account is not activated within 30 days from the date of registration, My - Cloud has the right to cancel the account.

9.Privacy protection

To respect user privacy is My - Cloud consistent principle, My - Cloud will take reasonable steps to protect the user's personal privacy information. My - Cloud is not closed to the public without the permission of the user or reveal the user information to a third party, except the following situations :

  • (1)Prior to the user a clear mandate ;
  • (2) In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations requirements ;
  • (3) According to the government departments authorized by the law ;
  • (4)To maintain the social public interests ;
  • (5)To safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of My - Cloud 。

To provide a better user experience and improve the quality of service, My - Cloud may cooperate with a third party to provide relevant service, in this case, if the third party agrees to bear with My - Cloud equal responsibility to protect the privacy of users, is My - Cloud user's personal information can be provided to the third party.

In didn't reveal the single user privacy data under the premise of My - Cloud has the right to analyze the entire user database and user database for commercial use of published (including but not limited to, analysis, or in other ways to use the user visits, access time, user preferences and other user data information).

10. All the members of our company will abide by the commitment to the protection of your privacy

In order to ensure the safety of your personal information, we will inform our privacy and security guidelines My - Cloud staff, and within the company strict implementation of privacy protection.

We would be happy to answer for you with our privacy practices and terms related to any problem. If you are My - Cloud of privacy policy or data processing have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

11.Use rules

11.1 User agrees to "My - Cloud" service for the user non-commercial use only, without the written consent of My - Cloud users may not use the "My - Cloud" selling services or other commercial purposes, otherwise My - Cloud can be immediately put an end to provide products and services to users, and its legal liability shall be pursued in accordance with the law, pay all My - Cloud losses.

11.2Users to understand, My - Cloud provided under this agreement only "My - Cloud" service, in addition to the service related equipment (such as computers, modems and other associated with access to the Internet device) and the costs of (such as networking fee and pay for access to the Internet) shall be borne by users.

11.3 Users in the use of this agreement referred to in "My - Cloud services must abide by the following principles :

  • (1)Abide by the relevant state laws and policies, etc., to maintain national interests, to protect national security ;
  • (2)Comply with all web service related network protocol, rules and procedures ;
  • (3)Only through My - provided by the Cloud website and other official statement login to use legal channels ;
  • (4)You cannot use this service for any illegal purpose ;
  • (5)Shall not use the service system for any possible adverse influence on the normal operation of Internet behavior ;
  • (6)Shall not use the service system for any unfavorable to My - the behavior of the Cloud ;
  • (7)If found any illegal use of the user account or account of a security vulnerability, immediate notice must be given to My - Cloud. ;.
  • (8)Do not use the plugin or other means to cheat, inappropriate or unfair means to participate in this service 。

11.4This service involves the use of the Internet, may be a variety of security issues, threatens the safety of the user's information and data, which in turn affect the normal use of the service and so on. Users should strengthen the protection of information security and user information consciousness, pay attention to strengthen the password protection, from losses. My - Cloud will exert its commercially reasonable efforts to protect the user data privacy and integrity, but My - Cloud can not provide any warranty on the matter.

11.5My - Cloud reserves will upgrade the service at any time or adjust the rights. The new version is released, may involve a browser plug-in, mobile phone client, terminal equipment software version upgrade; My - Cloud may also be the browser plug-in, mobile phone client software, such as terminal software upgrade separately. Users should according to the prompt to involve in software upgrades, otherwise My - Cloud does not guarantee that the user can provide to enjoy the new version of the function and the old version of the continue to be, this may cause impact or loss shall be borne by the user. In addition, My - Cloud reserves because business grows need, unilaterally change or effect of the part function to restrict the power of the user needs to take that risk.

11.6My - Cloud will according to the market with the development of the technology, to provide users with the services related to various Internet and telecommunications value-added services, including free and charge of value-added services. My - Cloud to keep changes to related value-added service charge and charge standard, and the right of way; Related services by a free service for charging, change My - Cloud will be notified in the appropriate form, the user can choose to accept or reject the charge service, and to ensure that when using fee, will be paid according to the regulations of the My - Cloud related charge fees, such as costs of refusal or default, My - Cloud has the right to stop the service, and to recover the loss and compensation in accordance with the law.

11.7My - Cloud has the right to launch all kinds of advertising and promotion information in the website, the advertising, including but not limited to take the form of system messages or pop-up Windows, etc.

11.8As a result of this service is to use third party software or technology of any disputes, is solved by the third party is responsible for, My - Cloud does not undertake any responsibility. My - Cloud not the third party software or technology to provide customer support, if the user needs to get support, please contact with the third party.

12.Intellectual property rights

12.1This service contains any text, graphics, audio, video, and/or software (including but not limited to software included with the graphics, animation, audio, video, interface, data and actual application, code, documents) or other information or materials are My - Cloud or authorized legal holder of all My - Cloud, the copyright law, trademark law, and/or other related laws and regulations to protect. Except for the use of "My - Cloud service" and limited the use of rights, without the written consent of the holder of the relevant users may use such information or materials in any form, nor our service involves software to copy, translation, break down, or the editor, also may not reverse engineer or other methods to object code conversion or attempt to convert the source code of the software.

12.2This agreement does not grant the user use My - Cloud any trademarks, service marks, logos, domain names, and other notable features brand rights.

12.3Besides explicitly permitted in this agreement, the user shall not, in any form or in any way on some or all of the service content is modified, rent, lease, lend, sell, distribute, copy, create derivatives, or used for any commercial purposes.

12.4Such as user in violation of the provisions of this article, My - Cloud has the right to immediately terminate to provide customers with products and services, and its legal liability shall be pursued in accordance with the law, and claim damages for all My - Cloud.

13.The legal responsibility and the disclaimer

13.1The risk in the user explicitly agreed to the use of this service and its consequences will be borne by the completely, My - Cloud does not assume any liability to the user. Such as users in violation of the relevant laws, regulations or any of the terms and conditions under this agreement, My - Cloud has the right to depending on the nature of the user behavior under the condition of without prior notification to the user, including but not limited to interrupt service, restrictions on the use and freeze or delete user accounts, termination of service, shall be investigated for legal responsibility, and the user agrees to assume My - Cloud or injury caused to any third party's liability to pay compensation.

13.2Within the scope of the applicable laws allow maximum, My - Cloud does not make any type of guarantee this service, whether express, implied or statutory guarantee and condition, including but not limited to, the applicability of the site, the stability, no virus, no negligence or no technical flaw, ownership, and no express or implied warranty, and conditions of the infringement. And My - Cloud does not guarantee the service will be able to meet the requirements of users, also not guarantee service will not be interrupted by, and timeliness of the service, security, error occurs, and whether information accurately, timely and smoothly transfer does not make any guarantee.

13.3User may through My - Cloud about network services of some of the third party, or My - Cloud may for the convenience of users and provide links to third-party websites, but My - Cloud is not responsible for check or evaluate any such third party material, product, service, or the accuracy of the content, and, My - Cloud are not guaranteed, does not assume any responsibility, also do not have any obligation. Users have their own judgments, and bear all the risks caused by use of the content such as, including, but not limited to, for the correctness, completeness, or usefulness of the content depends on the risk.

13.4In applicable laws allow maximum range, My - Cloud is not caused by the user to use this service, or in any way related to the service of any accident, indirect, special, or indirect damages or request (including but not limited to, personal injury, because of privacy, for failing to perform any responsibility, including integrity or reasonable caution for mistakes and for any other pecuniary loss or other loss caused by damages) undertake any responsibility.

13.5Users understand and approved the use of the service involves the Internet services, each link may be limited by the influence of unstable factors that exist because of force majeure, computer virus, hacker attack, unstable system, the location of the user, the user shutdown, shielding and any other illegal content, harassment information technology, network and communication lines, computer, information security management measures to causes such as service interruptions, the risk of resistance can't meet the demand of users, and agree to the above's own risk. So you can't receive video data for the users, or receive erroneous data, the loss of or My - Cloud does not need to take any responsibility.

14.Service interruption or termination

14.1Users understand and approved for the normal operation of the service, My - Cloud need regularly or not regularly on site and other equipment downtime, which may cause normal service interruptions, stop. My - Cloud in business permit within a reasonable range to avoid service interruption, stop, or will stop, stop, time limit in the shortest time.

14.2 If any of the following situations occurs, My - Cloud has the right to without informing the user interrupt or stop to provide this service at any time, for the resulting inconvenience or damage to, My - Cloud for the user or the third person does not undertake any responsibility :

  • (1)Regularly check for updates or construction, hardware and software, etc ;
  • (2)Server damage to normal operation ;
  • (3)Sudden hardware and software equipment and electronic communications equipment failure ;
  • (4)Network providers lines or other malfunction ;
  • (5)Under emergency situations to safeguard national security or other user and the personal safety of a third party ;
  • (6)Force majeure and other third party 。

14.3Except the situations mentioned in the preceding paragraph, the user agrees to My - Cloud enjoyed by 30 days in advance (if there are special provisions of relevant laws and rules of law for the withdrawal notified in advance of time exceed the time limit mentioned above, will be subject to laws and regulations), in the form of web site announcement notice interrupt or stop the rights of some or all of the service, the user is clearly know the rights granted and known as the exercise of these rights may to itself and other third-party impairment caused by direct or indirect interests, users in this made it clear that don't hold My - Cloud due to exercise the above rights unilaterally interrupt or stop service could lead to all the responsibility.

15.Other terms and conditions

15.1 Any of the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement is invalid in whole or in part, shall not affect the validity of other provisions 。

15.2 All the titles in this agreement is only for smart and easy to read, in and of itself has no actual meaning, cannot be used as the basis of this agreement meaning interpretation 。

15.3 This agreement copyright owned by My - Cloud, My - Cloud reserves all rights to explain 。